Timoni West is the VP of Product for Wētā Tools at Unity, helping film and game makers create extraordinarily high quality linear and real-time experiences. Previously, they were the VP of Augmented and Virtual Reality, focusing on spatial computing: how we will live, work, and create in a world where digital objects and the real world live side-by-side.

A longtime technologist, Timoni was formerly SVP at Alphaworks, co-founder of Recollect, and CEO of Department of Design, a digital agency. They've worked for startups across the country, including Foursquare, Flickr, Causes, and Airtime. In 2022, they were on Fast Company’s Most Creative People list, and served as a jury member for Cannes Lion 2019. They often give talks and speak on human-computer interaction and future technology, including interviews for the Economist, CNN, Wired, Bloomberg, and more.